ZSP mild sedative effect drops 30ml

ZSP mild sedative effect drops 30ml

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Indications for use: 

with irritability, neurasthenia, insomnia, neurosis-like conditions, severe psycho-emotional stress and diseases that occur or exacerbate as a result of stressful situations (gastritis, peptic ulcer, angina pectoris, hypertension, etc.).

Take 30-70 drops per 50-100 ml of water once or twice a day. As a sleeping pill-30-40 minutes before bedtime.

dosage and Administration:

when receiving ZSP when testing in clinics in different fields was not (the packaging States the General constraints).


water-alcohol extracts of marjoram grass, hawthorn flowers, rhizomes with Valerian roots.

Form of issue:

the water-alcohol solution.


2 years, store in a dark place at t° + 15-/+25 C °


the solar glass bottle 30 ml with drip valve in a cardboard box .


Grippity packages 1,5 g №20 is a means for infusions, herbal blend, it is not drug.


Within a package of dry powdered:

    raspberry leaf and sage. The

  • Flowers of acacia and Linden.
  • The
  • rose hips.

property and evidence

the product is recommended as a dietary Supplement, does not contain GMOs. It can be taken in a dietary diet, but does not serve as a replacement for the full composition of the diet.

Herbal tea is an additional source of active ingredients that relieve symptoms of colds and flu. The components have a bottomless properties, antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory. Normalize human condition, minimize the likelihood of complications after colds.

Starting to make herbal tea, consult your doctor. The herbal remedy should not be taken by pregnant or lactating, people with known hypersensitivity to the ingredients of the vegetable mixture.


Designed filter bags for ease of brewing. Two packages pour boiling water (20 ml) and cover for infusion for 15 minutes. Drink a warm drink four or five times a day, you can add honey. The specified dose should not exceed. Coordinate the duration of your course with your doctor. 

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