BAAs (Biologically active additives) are very popular nowadays. But there is nothing strange about it. A large variety of modern dietary supple-ments allow you to quickly find the right decision for yourself and start the course of building a beautiful figure and a healthy body. Biologically active additives are not just capsules with a set of herbs.

Supplements today, and this is already proven by science, can help you prevent the emergence of many diseases. Medicine today offers humanity effective treatment of almost all diseases. Under BAAs understand the active substances created on basis of natural ingredients. They are used as additives to all main dishes for more active useful elements' absorption by our body. With our online store, your first-aid kit will be replenished with unique preventive and therapeutic products that will help you to prevent gastrointestinal tract, musculoskeletal system, cardiovascular system diseases.

You can also buy different biologically active additives to maintain normal functioning of your circulatory system. With such meals supplements, you can successfully put your hair, nails and eyelashes in order. Crushed special herbs' composition that are included in human's dietary supplement has been used since ancient times to care for the whole body skin, hair and eyelashes. Our online pharmacy offers a wide dietary supplement range for all the purposes, that are mentioned above. In order to find the one, that is best for your its enough to make only few mouse clicks.
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Recommendations for use: - to increase peristalsis and cleanse the intestines (constipation, aton..
Сomposition and form of release: capsules of 400 mg blister, № 201. hawthorn leaf extract 160 mg2...
Composition1 tablet weighing 300 mg contains: zinc picolinate (zinc 22 mg) 125.2 mg;Excipients: ..
Recommendations for use:    fast body shaping    loss of app..
Composition:    Vitamins:    A 2500, D3 200ml     E 7.5 mg,..
Composition: 5 drops contain live lactic acid bacteria Lactobacillus rhamnosus GG - 1 billion ..
Recommendations for use: ACNEVAC soft gelatine capsules – a dietary supplement that prescribed ..
Composition active substance: activated carbon; 1 tablet contains activated carbon 250 mg o..
Compositionactive substance: activated carbon;1 tablet contains activated carbon 250 mgother i..
Compositionactive substance: activated carbon;1 tablet contains activated carbon 250 mgother i..
Composition activated charcoal-0,250; chamomile flowers medicinal (Chamomilla recutita L.) - 0,002..
Line-Up: the activated charcoal, mint, fennel. release Form: table. 0.25 g №10 and № 50. Thedi..
Composition activated carbon, yarrow, nettle. Release Form: table. 0.25 g №10 and № 50. Recomme..
Composition 1 capsule containsbasic substances:nettle root extract-150 mg, oil extract of dwarf p..
component Properties: Adrius is not a drug. This set is recommended as source of biologica..
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