VALERIANA BORISOV Valerianae radix 0.2g tablets №50

VALERIANA BORISOV Valerianae radix 0.2g tablets №50

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Dosage form:

coated tablets 20 mg

yellow coated tablets with a biconvex surface.



each tablet contains – active substance: Valerian extract thick 20 mg, excipients: magnesium carbonate basic, potato starch, talc, gelatin, sugar, titanium dioxide pigment, beeswax, paraffin, sunflower oil, quinoline yellow E 104, silicon dioxide colloidal.

Pharmacotherapy group:

other hypnotics and sedatives. THE ATC - N05CM09.

Pharmacological properties


Vegetable remedy. It has a sedative effect. The action is due to the content of essential oils (0.2 - 2.8%), most of which are the ester of borneol and izovalerianovoy acid, borneol acetate. Important components of the medicine are also contained in Valerian extract sekswitharpena and monoterpenes: ?-caryophyllene, valeranone, valerenal, valeric acid, and valepotriates (0,05-0,67%) – ultrat and isovalerate. The main products of the degradation of valepotriates are baldrian, homebuilding and ultracal. Valerian extract increases the sensitivity of GABA receptors (gamma-aminobutyric acid receptors) to the effects of ?-aminobutyric acid, which increases inhibition processes in the cerebral cortex. At the same time, there is an increase in the synthesis and secretion of GABA in the synapses of neurons of the cerebral cortex. This effect manifests itself only under the influence of the amount of substances contained in Valerian extract and may not be reproduced with isolated introduction of essential oil, sekswitharpena or valepotriates. Sedative effects when using the drug is slow, but quite stable and fully developed only in a systematic and long course of treatment. Reduces the rate of reaction to external stimuli, facilitates the onset of natural sleep. Valepotriates and valeric acid possess antispasmodic action, have easy choleretic effect, especially when spasm and hypermotor biliary dyskinesia. The complex of biologically active substances Valerian extract through neurohumoral mechanisms and influence on the conducting system of the myocardium regulates cardiac activity – slows the heart rhythm, slightly expands the coronary vessels.


Pharmacokinetics Valerian tablets extract studied poorly, due to the impossibility of accurate identification of the effective beginning of the drug. After ingestion of 600 mg of dry extract of Valerian, the maximum concentration of valeric acid (one of the likely active ingredients) is achieved through 1-2 h and is 0.9-2.3 ng/ml.the half – elimination Period is 1.1 ± 0.6 h. with repeated use of the drug, its pharmacokinetics does not change.


Indications for use

-neurasthenia and conditions associated with prolonged neuro - mental arousal;

- sleep disorders due to overexcitation, nervous stress;

- mild functional disorders of the cardiovascular system and digestive system (as part of complex therapy).


hypersensitivity to the drug. Pregnancy the first trimester. Children up to age 12 years.


Method of application and doses

adults 40-80 mg (2-4 tablets) 1-5 times a day. If necessary, the daily dose can be increased to 1000 mg in several (usually 4-5) methods. In persons with impaired liver and kidney dose adjustment is not required. Children over 12 years of age are prescribed inside 20 mg 2-3 times a day.

the Course of treatment is up to 1 month.

Side effects

Drowsiness, depression, decreased performance, prolonged use – constipation. Rarely-allergic reactions.

Interaction with other drugs

the Drug enhances the effect of hypnotics and sedatives, as well as antispasmodics.BR>

Special instructions

during the period of treatment must be careful when driving and occupation of other potentially hazardous activities, require high concentration and psychomotor speed reactions.

use during pregnancy and lactation

use of this medicine during pregnancy (I trimester) is contraindicated.

Taking into account the side effects of the drug, caution should be exercised when applying during lactation.


overdose Cases are not described.BR>
Symptoms: when using excessively high doses (more than 20 times the maximum recommended dose) may experience nonspecific symptoms associated with Central nervous system depression: lethargy, confusion, drowsiness. In severe cases, there may be bradycardia and arrhythmia.BR>
Treatment: cancel the drug, conducting a gastrointestinal lavage using activated charcoal, supplementation of magnesium sulfate inside to prevent intestinal absorption of the drug and provide a laxative effect. There is no specific antidote.


In a contour acheikova package No. 10 package No. 10 x 5.BR>
IN a contour acheikova packing 25 in packing No. 25 x 2.BR>
In vial No. 50 in packing No. 1.

storage Conditions

In safe dry place at temperatures not above 25 ? C. Keep out of reach of children.

expiration date

2 years. Do not use the medicine after the expiry date.



Without prescription


the Drug Vasavilan appeared on the pharmaceutical market relatively recently. It belongs to the category of nootropic drugs and has, among other things, psychostimulating effect. Thanks to this combination, the tool is quite actively used for the prevention of dementia of all kinds, also in the complex therapy in its treatment.

the drug Vasavilan

  • Main active ingredient Visivite is the extract of the leaves of the Ginkgo tree.
  • the Product contributes to the normalization of cellular metabolism, cerebral and peripheral blood circulation.
  • The
  • Can be used to prevent disruption of the vestibular apparatus.
  • The
  • Children, and pregnant and lactating women Vasavilan not appointed due to the lack of data about its reaction on patients of

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