Smecta Diosmectite powder for preparation of oral suspension, orange 3g №10

Smecta Diosmectite powder for preparation of oral suspension, orange 3g №10

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active substance:diosmectite;

 1 sachet to diosmectite (Smectite dioctahedral) 3 g

 other ingredients:of glucose monohydrate, sodium saccharin, vanilla flavor (maltodextrin, sucrose, glycerol triacetate, silicon dioxide, ethyl alcohol, soy lecithin, vanillin, ethylvanillin, vanilla extract, heliotropine, benzaldehyde, acetylbutyric, acid oil, rum ether), orange flavor (maltodextrin, sucrose, Arabian gum, mono - and diacetylenic ester of tartaric acid of mono- and diglycerides fatty acids, silicon dioxide, orange oil concentrated, orange oil, orange oil distilled, melted fraction oil, enriched aldehyde, orange oil concentrated fraction, orange terpenes, natural ethyl butyrate).


Dosage form

Powder for oral suspension.

Basic physical and chemical properties:powder from white to light beige with a slight smell of orange in the preparation of the suspension.


drug description

antidiarrheal drugs used in infectious-inflammatory diseases of the intestine. Enterosorbents. Code ATH a07v S05.


Pharmacological properties


SmektaOrange Vanilla is a double silicate of aluminium and magnesium.

Due to the spatial structure and high plastic viscosity of the SmectOrange-Vanilla has a high enveloping ability on the mucous membrane of the digestive tract. SmectiteOrange-Vanilla by interaction with the glycoproteins of the mucous membrane increases the resistance of mucus to irritants. SmektaOrange-Vanilla, acting on the barrier function of the mucous membrane of the digestive system and due to the high ability to bind to the mucous membrane protects the mucous membrane of the digestive tract.

 Smectitethe Orange-Vanilla is radio transparent and does not stain the feces and in normal doses does not affect the physiological passage through the gut.

Combined results of two double-blind randomized studies, in which the efficacy of SmectaOrange-Vanilla compared to placebo was studied, and which included 602 patients aged 1 to 36 months who suffered from acute diarrhea, showed a significant decrease in the frequency of stool during the first 72 hours in a group of patients treated with Smectaorange-Orange in combination with oral rehydration.


 Due to the structure of the diosmectite Smectathe Orange-Vanilla is NOT absorbed and not metabolized.



    Symptomatic treatment of acute diarrhea in children and infants from 1 month in the complex therapy with oral rehydration solution and adults;

    Symptomatic treatment of chronic diarrhea;

    Symptomatic treatment of pain associated with esophagogastroduodenoscopy and intestinal diseases.


  • Increased sensitivity to diosmectite or to one of the excipients.
  • The
  • Intestinal obstruction.

Interaction with other medicinal products and other forms of interaction

The Adsorbing properties of this drug may affect the degree and/or rate of absorption of other substances, so it is recommended not to use other drugs simultaneously with smektaOrange-Vanilla.

application Features

 Diosmectite should be taken with caution to patients with severe chronic constipation in history.

 in children acute diarrhea should be treated in combination with early use of oral rehydration solution (RPR) to prevent dehydration.

 rehydration For adults to use when needed.

the amount of rehydration with oral or intravenous rehydration solution depends on the intensity of diarrhea, the patient's age and the course of the disease.

the Patient should be informed:

  • rehydration due to a significant amount of salty or sweet liquids to compensate for the loss of fluid caused by diarrhea (average daily water requirement of an adult is 2 liters)
  • maintain food while continuing diarrhea:
  • with the exception of certain foods, especially raw fruits and vegetables, green vegetables, spicy dishes, and frozen foods or beverages;
  • with a preference for baked meat and rice.

& nbsp;

the Drug contains glucose and sucrose. It is not recommended for patients with fructose intolerance, malabsorption of glucose and galactose or sucrose isomaltase insufficiency.

 used in pregnancy or breastfeeding.

 Reliable data on teratogenesis in animals are not available.

 up To the present time in a clinical setting have not observed any special fetal malformations or fetotoksicheskoe effects. However, observations of the effect of SmectOrange-Vanilla on pregnant women, sufficient to eliminate any risk, was not carried out.

& nbsp;Therefore, given that the SmectOrange-Vanilla is not absorbed, the use of this drug during pregnancy is provided only if necessary.

the Ability to influence the reaction rate when driving vehicles or other machinery.

no studies have been conducted on the ability to drive vehicles and operate other machinery under the influence of this drug. However, its impact is expected to be negligible or non-existent.

Method of application and doses

treatment of acute diarrhea

Children aged 1 month to 1 year2 sachets for 3 days, followed by 1 sachet per day.

 Children at the age from 1 year4 bags a day for 3 days, then 2 sachets per day.

Adultsaverage of 3 sachets per day. The dose of the drug can be doubled at the beginning of treatment.

& nbsp;other readings

Children aged 1 month to 1 year1 bag per day.

Children aged 1 to 2 yearsfrom 1 to 2 sachets per day.

Children aged 2 years2 to 3 sachets per day.

Adultsaverage of 3 sachets per day.

method of application

the contents of the bag must be mixed prior to the formation of the suspension immediately before use.

 it is Recommended to take:


    after the meal, when the esophagitis; The

  • between meals for other indications.


the contents of the bag can be mixed in a bottle with 50 ml of water for use during the day or mixed well with a semi-liquid food such as broth, compote, puree, baby food.


the contents of the bag can be mixed with half a glass of water.


& nbsp;Apply for the treatment of children aged 1 month or more.


 Overdose may lead to severe constipation or formation of the Bezoar.

Side effects

the frequency of adverse reactions is classified as follows: often (?1/100 to ?1/10);

 uncommon (?1/100 and ?1/100).

from the gastrointestinal tract

Often: constipation, which usually takes place after dose reduction, but in some cases may require termination of treatment.

 Rare: flatulence, vomiting.

cases of hypersensitivity reactions (unknown frequency) involving urticaria, rash, itching and angioedema were reported during the post-registration period.

cases of constipation were also reported.


shelf Life

3 years.

storage Conditions

does not require Special storage conditions. Keep out of reach of children.



 3.76 g of powder in a bag; 10 or 30 sachets in a cardboard box.


Category vacation

over the counter.




location of the manufacturer and address of the place of business

 Rue ete Virton 28100 Slumber, France/Rue Ethe Virton 28100 DREUX, France.

& nbsp;

& nbsp;

& nbsp;


a drug used for the treatment of diseases of the gastrointestinal tract. It belongs to the group of Antidiarrhoeal drugs. The main active ingredient – smectite dioctaedric Pharmacological action of the drug is to stabilize mucosal barrier of the intestine, increasing the amount of mucus and its gastroprotective properties, which increases viscosity of feces and normalized their natural texture. The product is presented in the form of a powder of gray-white or gray-yellow color, with a pleasant orange flavor. The powder is sealed in a sachet dosage to 3 In one pack is 10 bags. 


  • Diarrhea in the acute form as a result of malnutrition, certain medications or allergic reactions.
  • a Chronic form of diarrhea.
  • the La complex therapy of infectious diarrhea. 
  • Heartburn and bloating.
  • the Discomfort due to peptic ulcer disease, gastritis or colitis.


the Drug is intended for oral administration, for this purpose the contents of the bag must be gradually poured into drinking water (100-150 mg) until a uniform texture is formed. Adults to accept on 1 pack. 3 times a day. The use of in Pediatrics perhaps. The daily rate for children under 1 year of 3 (1 pack.); from year to 2 years-3-6 g. (1-2 pack.), older 2 years-6-9 g. (2-3 pack.).

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