Shampoo multivitamin hair Nutrition and strengthening 200ml Horse line

Shampoo multivitamin hair Nutrition and strengthening 200ml Horse line

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wet your head, apply a small amount to wet hair, lather, rubbing gently. Rinse thoroughly, getting rid of dirt and sebum. Can be used for daily washing.


Shampoo gives your hair beauty and health, helps to implement a comprehensive care. It has an improved composition that will help saturate the hair with the necessary vitamins. Strands will become strong, healthy from the roots to the tips. Thanks to algae extracts, the product guarantees intense hydration and nutrition. 

after using the shampoo, the hair gains vitality, healthy Shine due to the content of a multivitamin complex. Also, the active ingredients of the shampoo stimulate the nutrition of bulbs, stabilize the blood circulation of the scalp. Curls will become smooth, silky, easy to comb. Shampoo compares favorably with the ease of application, quick foaming, effectively removing impurities from the hair, it does not weigh down the hair.

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  • the Power of hair vitamins.
  • Restoring damaged hair.
  • strengthening the follicles.
  • Prevention of hair loss.
  • Shine, improve the appearance of the hair.

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