Okovit blueberry extract tablets №80

Okovit blueberry extract tablets №80

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bilberry fruit extract - 50 %, premix vitamin (vitamin E-0.7 mg, B1-0.11 mg, B2-0.13, B3-0.6 mg, B6-0.15, B12-0.08 mg, C-4 mg, folic acid-26 mg, PP-1.2 mg, Biotin-9.8 mg), zinc-2.5 mg, b-carotene-12.5 mg.



strengthens eye capillaries,
reduces the harmful effects of free radicals on the retina,
improves the quality of vision in the dark and twilight,
has a beneficial effect on the cardiovascular system.
eliminates eye fatigue at high visual load
restores color perception
strengthens the vessels of the fundus
neutralizes the negative impact of electromagnetic radiation (computer, TV)

Method of application:

how to take Okovit - bilberry extract:
1 tablet 3 times a day with meals.



2 months, 2-3 courses per year.

& nbsp;


Tsiprofarm – microbial solution from the category of fluoroquinolones. The principle of the drug is based on the ability of the active substance to destroy the DNA of bacteria and microorganisms, their process of division and growth.

the Tool is used only locally. In this case, the impact of the drug is limited to tissues and biological fluids of the organ into which the solution is introduced (eye or ear).

Indications for use

the Medication is used for:

  • the Need to quickly eliminate eye infection including appendages of the organ (blepharitis, conjunctivitis and keratitis).
  • Complex treatment of all forms of acute otitis media.
  • the Combination therapy of ulcerative lesions of the cornea. The

  • the Implementation of the post-surgery training to treat or prevent infections of eyes and ears.

How to apply

the drug is not used in the treatment of viral or fungal infection. The solution is intended for instillation by means of a thin tip-pipette. For the treatment of inflammatory process of the eye should be 1-2 drops every 2 hours. In acute course of the disease, apply 4 times a day at regular intervals with uncomplicated infections. The ear should be buried no more than 4 drops 2 times a day. 

the duration of therapy is determined based on the severity of the patient's condition, the formation of a response to the medication and the severity of symptoms. The standard treatment lasts from 7 to 14 days.

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