Naturella strips every day. Normal Deo N40

Naturella strips every day. Normal Deo N40

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Strip Naturella Camomile light daily Deo Single No. 20 of "Procter&gamble” are required for daily use.

the Benefits and features of gaskets 

Daily pads are designed to preserve the purity of underwear and absorb various secretions. The product gives an incredible feeling of freshness and lightness throughout the day. Strip Naturella chamomile have a very pleasant aroma, which will hide any smells. The tool is perfect even for the last days of menstruation, if a woman has scant discharge. 

these products repeat the silhouette of the body, so it is not noticeable even with very tight clothes. Naturella Camomile guarantees comfort and absence of unpleasant sensations. The top layer instantly absorbs all moisture, and the surface remains dry. Only materials with proven safety that do not cause inflammation and irritation are used in the development. 


in order to use the tool of personal hygiene need to follow a simple instruction, which is located on the back of the packaging. The recommended replacement frequency of the used product with a new one is every 4 hours.

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