Vaccines and Serums

Vaccines and Serums

Modern vaccines and serums have a huge spectrum of effects on viruses. To positively influence the weakened immunity, vaccines and serums are widely used in medicine.

Serum and vaccine differences:

Vaccines are drugs that are injected to protect the body from infections. Vaccines contain dead microbes or antigens of microbes, which are obtained by chemical creation. Vaccines with live attenuated microbes are called attenuated, they have the most powerful effect on human immunity. The introduction of attenuated vaccines into the body occurs every 4-5 years. The use of vaccines and serums is carried out for the prevention and treatment of infectious diseases.

Vaccines that are made with toxins are called toxoids. They provide the body with resistance to the harmful effects of microbial and viral life. If you need a vaccine, therapeutic serum - choose everything you need on the site of the online pharmacy Pharmacy03 in the US and Europe.

Vaccines are divided into several categories relative to the number of different types of antibodies that they contain:





Vaccination is used to create active artificial immunity among the population, as well as for effective prevention in order to prevent the emergence of epidemics. The cost of such a preliminary "therapy" is much cheaper than the price of full-value treatment in the event of a disease. After the vaccination, the patient may experience painful reactions: the body temperature rises (38-39 ° C), headaches appear. Symptoms stop worrying a person within a few days after the introduction of the vaccine.

Use of vaccines is contraindicated in the following cases:

Infectious diseases with acute complications.

Active tuberculosis.

Disorders in the cardiovascular system, liver and kidney functions.

A number of violations in the endocrine system.

Problems with the nervous system.


Serum is a drug that is used to fight microbes and their toxins in the body. In the composition of sera there are immunoglobulins - these are purified proteins of a certain concentration, containing a large number of antibodies. Immunoglobulins are not toxic, do not cause allergies and complications in patients. Serums are used as a diagnostic drug in order to determine the causative agent of infection in the body, and to work out the structure of its antigen for treatment.

Serums and vaccines quickly identify the source of the disease and interact with the cells of the virus.

Serum is injected into the patient in several ways:

In the muscles.

In the vein.

Under the skin.

In the canal of the spinal cord.

This kind of drug is used to prevent infection by creating immunity to viruses in order to quickly protect a person who has had contact with an infected patient or material.

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Vaccines and serums can be a real salvation for you and your loved ones during the height of epidemics. They will help to reinsure, and will provide reliable protection of your immunity. In order not to spend a huge amount of money to buy medicines in case of illness - take care of your health in advance! - medical vaccines and serums at competitive prices. We deliver medicines both in the US and throughout Europe.