Therapy of urological diseases

Modern urology is a medical section that studies the causes of the appearance and progression of diseases of the bladder, kidneys and the reproductive system of man. These pathologies are often found, both in men and in women of different age categories. The main goal, which is set by urology - treatment and prevention of these diseases.

Urological men are engaged in the study and treatment of prostatitis, prostate adenoma, premature ejaculation, erectile dysfunction. The causes of these pathologies can be different - from the genetic factor, ending with poor ecology. Many diseases have an adverse effect on the kidneys - urology studies factors and environmental conditions that lead to the development of diseases.

Symptoms and Diagnosis

Among the main factors indicative of the presence of diseases of the bladder, kidneys and reproductive system, are:

Painful sensations that are recorded in the laboratory (acute or blunt, in the lumbar region or genitalia, may be permanent or intermittent).

Changes in the composition and structure of urine (increased or decreased volumes, one-day discharge, absence of urinary fluid, loss of transparency, the appearance of pus, blood, mucus and other elements in urine).

Swelling (hands, feet, or face - indicates a kidney disease).

Violation of the process of urination (rapid urge, difficulty urinating, delay or incontinence).

Nausea, vomiting, fever and other common symptoms.

For the purpose of diagnosis, experts apply various survey methods: ultrasound, cystoscopy, retrograde ureteropyelography and other studies that have medicine, urology uses and x-ray diagnostic methods.

Diseases of the genitourinary system are quite serious and require detailed examination and comprehensive medication. You can buy medicines in the US and Europe, without leaving home, in an online pharmacy. The main benefits of buying drugs online is affordable value and a wide range.

Disease Therapy

The treatment of the diseases under consideration has a certain consistent structure, which was created by urology, the drugs used in the process should not only weaken the symptoms and eliminate the evolution of the pathology. They must prevent the possibility of the disease in the future and restore the functionality of all the systems of the body, disrupted when the disease develops. The price of drugs varies depending on the active substance, which is their basis.

Methods of treatment of urological diseases are:

conservative (treatment with medication);


operative (surgical intervention).

The detection of pathology at an early stage of its development will prevent the operation and be cured with the help of conventional drugs. Selection of medicines should be carried out by a specialized urologist after a thorough examination and study of a specific situation.

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