System of blood and hematopoiesis

System of blood and hematopoiesis

The circulatory system performs the most important function - it supplies the organs and tissues of the body with oxygen. As part of the blood there are many elements - leukocytes, erythrocytes, platelets, as well as liquid plasma. In addition to the basic respiratory function (oxygen transfer and elimination of carbonic acids), the blood performs many other functions, namely:

Alimentary - transfers nutrients (amino acids, fatty acids, glucose and others) from the digestive system to all organs.

Excretory - transfers the final products that are formed after the metabolic process (such as uric acid, urea, creatinine) to the kidneys and other organs.

Homeostatic - provides stability within the body.

Regulatory - transfers hormones, metabolites, neuropeptides, mediators, and substances that produce their synthesis.

Thermoregulating - provides a constant body temperature.

Protective - responsible for protecting the body from infectious diseases, while using the help of antibodies, lysozyme and other elements.

The duration of the "life" of the blood components is quite small: three months. The blood composition is regularly updated through the bone marrow with the use of nucleic acid.

In the event of the slightest disruption in the blood-forming system, the entire body suffers. On the site you can choose and buy blood products at the best prices.

Types of blood diseases and drugs for their treatment

Diseases of the blood are divided, considering which groups of elements are affected:

Platelets - thrombocytopenia.

Erythrocytes - anemia, polycythemia.

Plasma - agammaglobulinemia, haemophilia A.

Leucocytes - leukopenia, leukemia.

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Blood treatment preparations are divided into several groups, depending on the actions that they direct to eliminate problems, for example:

Normalizing coagulability - these include coagulants (increase the rate of blood clotting in case of vascular damage for rapid blood loss) and anticoagulants (reduce blood viscosity, prevent the appearance of thrombi).

Activating the creation of blood - stimulate the production of blood cells, improve their ability to move, increase resistance to various kinds of damage.

Blood substitutes and solutions are used in transfusion therapies to fill the bloodstream and restore the circulation of liquid tissue, are injected into the body intravenously.

A separate category of drugs are other means of hematology, which are presented in the form of enzymes. They are responsible for the speed of biochemical processes, lower blood viscosity, accelerate healing by bruising.

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