The problem of diseases of the rectum and colon extends more and more every year. The reasons for this "popularity" are quite diverse, among them the following are distinguished:

abnormal work of the gastrointestinal tract;

low-active lifestyle, work in a sitting position;

pregnancy, childbirth;

greater physical activity or sport, which involves lifting weights;

harmful food, alcohol;

inflammatory processes in the hip region;

hereditary factor.

If in your life there is such a problem as proctology, a competent doctor will provide treatment and help, and pharmacy "Pharmacy03" will provide you with the necessary medicines at the best prices.

Proctologists are engaged in the study and therapy of diseases of the rectum and large intestine, as well as diseases of the anus, rectal area.

Proctology - symptoms, treatment. Where to begin?

Proctology has a large number of different rectal problems, but the most common diseases of proctology are:


anal fissure;

anal itching;


ulcerative colitis;

damage to the colon;

prolapse of the rectum.

Proctology of the disease have specific pronounced symptoms, namely:

Pain in the anus and in the perineum.

Constant sensation of itching, discomfort in the anus, a sense of foreign body.

Atypical discharge in the form of mucus, pus.

The admixture of blood in the feces.

Constipation and diarrhea.

Frequent false desires to emptying.

Kalonoderzhanie, involuntary emission of gases.

Symptoms of external diseases of the proctology are quite obvious, you can accurately determine the presence of the problem, but internal processes in the intestine can pass quite unnoticed. Proctologists from Europe and the US insist - If you notice any changes in the state of your body, do not delay the visit to the doctor, so as not to worsen the situation. After a thorough examination, a specialist will prescribe you a therapy, and you can buy proctology funds from us - on the site

Therapy of diseases of proctology provides for:

power adjustment;

elimination of constipation;

normalization of body weight;

prevention of blood stasis in the hip area;

active lifestyle;

avoiding hypothermia and overheating of the body;

refusal to lift weights;

rejection of bad habits.

In case you are bothered by proctology, medication is not everything, with which you can solve the problem. It is necessary to eliminate the root cause of the disease and take care of one's own health.

Take care of your body - it is better to solve the problem in time, to buy an effective drug and to "kill" the disease in the process of its inception. It will be much easier than wasting time, nerves and money for subsequent treatment, paying for the huge cost of medicines.

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