Painkillers. Spasmolytics. Anti-inflammatory.

Painkillers. Spasmolytics. Anti-inflammatory

Suddenly, the pain that arises can bring not only unpleasant feelings, but also cause many inconveniences at the wrong time. The pain does not allow you to relax, it prevents the habitual way of life, it causes discomfort. In most cases, pain can be a real torture for a person. In such situations, pain relievers will become a salvage, such drugs can alleviate or even eliminate pain, return a person to a normal, active life. The pain can be different: acute, pulling, pulsating, blunt. It is worth remembering that pain can be the first symptom of any disease, and if discomfort does not leave you for a long time - it is worth paying attention to possible health problems. In other cases, spasmolytic tablets help reduce your pain and dull the hypersensitivity.

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Painkillers - categories, types, methods of application

There is a huge amount of anesthetics that are used for a variety of purposes. Painkillers fall into two main groups:

Anesthetics - such drugs are used to suppress the excitability of nerve receptors in the mucous membranes, on the skin, in other tissues of the body. They are used for different types of anesthesia: terminal, infiltration, conduction, spinal. A large number of anesthetics can be used for arrhythmia.

Spasmolytics is a group of painkillers that are used to eliminate and alleviate pain of a spastic nature, the cause of which can be any pathology of internal organs. Indications for the appointment of such drugs are spasms of smooth muscles in the digestive system, as well as spasms of the urinary tract. Attacks of spasms are often observed during menstruation, with ulcer of the stomach and duodenum. Spasmolytics can also relieve muscular tension, remove pain, and have a general relaxing effect on the body.

By the power of action on the body, analgesics are:

Narcotic (the most powerful anesthetic) - substances that increase receptor response (promedol, morphine, fentanyl) and blocking the work of receptors (butorphanol, pentazocine, buprenorphine).

Non-narcotic (salicylic acid, aniline, alkanoic acids, anthranilic acids and their derivatives, other drugs).

By the method of action, painkillers are divided as:

Biochemical - have a blocking effect on the painful focus, prevent the identification of pain signals in the brain.

Narcotic drugs - preparations of opioid and non-opioid origin.

Anti-inflammatory drugs are drugs that depress or not inhibit the processes of inflammation in the body.

Spasmolytics can have a combined effect, pain relievers are prescribed in cases where the pain is of a different nature and is localized in many parts of the body.

Painkillers without a prescription are non-narcotic drugs. They do not have a strong effect on the body. Usually, these funds are used for migraines, bruises, and other mild pain sensations.

Analgesics of narcotic action can be bought only on the instructions of the doctor. They are taken only with severe traumatic injuries, during oncology and other diseases, when the pain is unbearable and long enough. The cost of such funds is much higher than for OTC painkillers.

Painkillers are made in different forms:








As the main active ingredient, manufacturers use caffeine, codeine or phenobarbital in preparations.

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