Eye care is used to treat diseases of the visual apparatus, exerting a local effect directly inside the eye. Buy these drugs at affordable prices can be on our Internet resource!

Characteristics of drugs

All eye medicines are divided into two main groups: local aids (eye drops) and preparations intended for internal use, available in the form of tablets or capsules. According to their functional effects, the eye products are classified as follows:

Preparations designed to relax the eye muscles (for example, Atropine).

Preparations that promote eye rest at night (for example, Stulna drops). Such drugs are especially useful for people spending a lot of time at the computer.

Preparations that promote the improvement of the status and functioning of the eye retina (for example, Chernika-forte).

Drugs that improve the visual function and normal development of vision.

Anti-inflammatory drugs (Diclofenac).

Eye preparations with antibacterial effect (Floxal, Albucid).

Antiallergic drugs (Hydrocortisone).

Eye medicines provide increased, intense nutrition of the fundus, and also contribute to improving visual function, help relieve tension, redness and fatigue of the eyes.

Indications for use

Eyewear is prescribed to patients in the following cases:

Nearsightedness (myopia).



Inflammatory processes localized in the eye area.

Deterioration of visual function.

Dystrophy of the muscular group of the retina.

Infectious diseases of the eyes.


How to choose a drug?

On the modern pharmaceutical market there is a wide range of medicines intended for the treatment of diseases of the visual apparatus. Medicines differ in cost, range of their action and clinical properties, therefore, only an ophthalmologist should prescribe a specific medicine, its dosage and duration, after a preliminary diagnosis!

Medicines for improving vision (Oftogel, Flinax, Floxal) can be used for prophylactic purposes as a means to improve the performance of the visual system. Such drops are shown to people whose work is connected with the strain of vision, lovers of a long time to sit at the computer and the TV screen, in a frosty, or, on the contrary, too hot weather.

Well-proven vitamin preparations for the eyes, produced in a drop or tablet form. Such drugs contribute to the acceleration of trophic processes and improve eye nutrition, prevent the development of cataracts, inflammatory and infectious diseases, improve visual function.

Where can I buy?

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