Nervous system

Medications from nerves

Nervous medications are designed to calm the nervous system. These drugs are indispensable for frequent stressful situations, psychoemotional shocks, overwork. Against the backdrop of neuroses, the patient can develop such pathologies as cardiovascular diseases, disorders in the functioning of the endocrine system, etc. Therefore, they serve not only as a means for treating neuroses, but also contribute to the prevention of their possible complications. It is difficult to find a good online pharmacy with the delivery of medicines at home Worldwide dellivery

Characteristics of drugs

Over-the-counter medications that can be bought at any pharmacy are divided into two main categories: combined (Phytosed, Persen, Novo-Passit, Phytosedan) and herbal products (tincture of peony, valerian, motherwort tincture). Sedative medicines have an effect on the central nervous system, have a psycho-anxiety and cardioprojective effect, help to relieve nervous tension and normalize sleep.

Soothing preparations of plant origin are characterized by the most mild effect on the body, they are not addictive. They have a minimal spectrum of contraindications and side effects, and they have extremely affordable prices.

Good reviews deserved drugs based on bromine (bromide), normalizing the processes of excitation and inhibition in the brain (Adonis bromine, Bormkampora).

However, it is best if a specific drug is administered individually by the attending physician, taking into account all the specific features of a particular clinical case.

Indications for use

patients are recommended to take in the following cases:

Increased nervous excitability.


Irrelevant irritability.

Sleep disturbances.



Depressive states.

Psychoemotional stress.

Nervous overstrain.

Decreased concentration of attention.


Different drugs for the nervous system can have different contraindications. The most mild and sparing influence on the body is sedative drugs of plant origin. Combination drugs have a more pronounced effect, however, they are characterized by a wider range of contraindications, which include the following:

Hypersensitivity and individual intolerance to certain components of the drug.


Breastfeeding period.

Hypotensive states.

Arterial hypotension.


Urolithiasis disease.

Organic heart diseases.

Even non-prescription vegetable origin should be prescribed exclusively by the attending physician. The specialist will also help determine the optimal dosage for the patient and the duration of the therapeutic course.

Possible side effects

Soothing drugs, in some cases, can provoke the following unwanted reactions:

Lowering blood pressure.

Oppression of psychomotor functions.




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