Immunomodulating agents

Immunomodulating agents

Human immunity is designed to protect the body from viruses and infections, but what if immunity is weakened and can not cope with its direct function, and you are increasingly sick? Immunomodulating drug - this is the solution to the problem to protect the body. Immunomodulators are a specific group of medicines, these substances interact with the immune system at the cellular level.

Immunomodulating drugs can be of different origin: biological, plant, synthetic.

Immunomodulating agents are prescribed for many diseases in order to speed up the patient's recovery process, as well as to minimize the adverse effects and pathologies of the disease. They are used as a component of the complex of basic therapy to regulate the work of immunity.

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A remedy for immunity will save you in an unforeseen situation

In the cold season, when the body is most at risk, antiviral immunomodulating can become a real savior. This "emergency help" will allow you to improve your health for a while. Do not buy these drugs too often, and take them in large quantities, because they do not heal the body, but only eliminate the painful condition and give strength.

Immunomodulating medications are classified by the effect they have on the bodily organism, as well as the method of action on the virus. Distinguish:

Antipyretics - they knock down the temperature, relieve unpleasant aches in the body, and also eliminate pain.

Antihistamines - work in the mucous membranes, eliminate foci of the disease, reduce lacrimation, salivation, relieve the common cold.

Vasoconstrictive medications - relieve swelling of the respiratory tract, eyes, nose.

Antiviral drugs for immunity can destroy viruses and preserve healthy cells of the body, they are divided into:

Inhibitors - fight with the focus of infection in the body, prevent its spread, improve the general condition of the body and the patient's well-being, eliminate symptoms.

Inductors - responsible for the production of the body protein interferon, which is necessary to strengthen the immune system and normalize its protective functions.

Viral blockers are powerful drugs with a complex composition that have many side effects, they are taken only as prescribed by a doctor.

Indications for the use of antiviral and immunomodulating drugs are:

Sluggish infectious diseases with a chronic character.


Autoimmune processes in the body.

In most cases, medicines are prescribed by a doctor to improve immunity. It is he who can determine the duration of therapy, the amount of the drug for admission, and also take into account all possible side effects.

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