Inflammatory processes and infectious diseases of the sexual organs of a woman can lead to catastrophic consequences if you do not tackle the problem in the early stages of the disease. As a result of the lack of proper therapy, there is a chance of developing cancerous tumors, the onset of sexual disorders, problems with the nervous system, and even difficulties in conceiving and bearing a child. Gynecological means can help.

The most dangerous ailments in gynecology are those that have weak symptoms, namely: inflammation of the ovaries and uterus, cervical erosion (ectopia), ovarian tumor and cyst, uterine myoma, etc.

Treatment of gynecological diseases is carried out under the strict supervision of a physician, by the method of necessary therapeutic procedures, as well as mandatory medication.

Gynecological funds are divided into several categories:

Antibacterial (antibiotics).

Hormonal (contraceptive, usually - birth control pills).

Painkillers (used in painful menstruation or to reduce pain of another kind).

Antiseptic (disinfecting agents, normalizing the microflora); anti-anemic (drugs to eliminate anemia during pregnancy, as well as other manifestations of anemia and iron deficiency).

There are also other gynecological means, such as:

Folic acid.

Vitamins A, B, C, P, E.


The peculiarity of gynecological diseases lies in the fact that infection or disease rarely focuses on a certain organ of the reproductive system. More often the problem extends to other areas, carrying with it complications, and increases the risk to health.

Antimicrobials and antiseptic agents for the solution of gynecological problems can occur in such forms as:

Tablets for oral administration.

Vaginal tablets.




Often, treatment involves taking several drugs at the same time for a better effect.

Prevention of gynecology is an important time for maintaining women's health. Doctors insist on conducting gynecological checks twice a year to prevent any deviations in the woman's reproductive system. During the examination, you can identify the disease in the initial stages, and later eliminate it by buying the right medicine.

Among the products in the section "Gynecology" you will find tablets for gynecology, as well as various drugs and products of different cost and producing countries. Unfortunately, many women prefer to self-medicate, rather than visit a professional and undergo a course of therapy. They use traditional methods of treatment at home, which further exacerbates the problem, and even does not pay attention to not present symptoms. Limiting care of one's own health will never be superfluous - it is better to buy the drug once and forget about the problem than pay an exorbitant price for lost time.

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