Endocrine system

Endocrine system

The work of the endocrine system is manifested in the specific organization of the functioning of the endocrine glands that occupy the central nervous system. This system is one of the main regulatory systems in the body. The hypothalamus and pituitary gland are its central link, they capture by their influence many organs and tissues, ensure the proper functioning of the thyroid and pancreas glands, adrenal cortex, ovaries and testes, parathyroid glands.

The online pharmacy "" offers our customers to get acquainted with the assortment of endocrine drugs. On our site you will find the best offers! The endocrine system plays a crucial role for human health:

Coordinates the work of organs and systems.

Participates in various reactions in the body.

Stabilizes the vital processes of the human body in the event of changes in the external environment.

Regulates the growth of a person, the overall development of the body.

Regulates the work of the reproductive system, determines gender identity.

Generates energy, maintains vitality and vitality.

Responsible for emotional reactions and mental behavior of a person.

Endocrine disorders occur as a result of many factors - harmful habits, stress, lack of sleep, constant nervous tension, unsettled workday. All these little things can significantly worsen the work of the internal organs of the endocrine system.

Endocrine treatment - why is it so important?

Failures in the functioning of the endocrine system can occur even in those people who care about health and adhere to an active lifestyle. This happens because of the detrimental impact of ecology on human health, the presence of harmful substances in food, etc. Among the most common endocrine problems are excessive release of hormones (hyperfunction), inadequate release of hormones (hypofunction) of one of the body's glands.

Neglect of problems in the operation of this system can lead to a number of complications in:

hormonal balance (a deficiency of growth hormone);

processes of digestion and metabolism (obesity, excessive weight loss);

cardiovascular system (blood pressure, hypertension);

sexual system (violation of the cycle of menstruation, infertility).

In addition, in case of problems with the work of the endocrine system, the level of cholesterol in the blood can increase, there is a danger of the appearance of diabetes, and the emotional and mental state of a person worsens.

Treatment of endocrine diseases should be immediate, as you will not only lose valuable time and health, but also your means. It is easier to take care of health in advance and buy drugs at lower prices, rather than pay the full cost of treatment in neglected cases.

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