Digestive system and metabolism

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The Structure1 sachet of powder Aldolic Baby contains:lyophilized Powder (containing the bacteria B..
Structure1 tablet in the shape of a bear Alcolac Junior contains:Lyophilized bacteria Lactobacillu..
Basic physical and chemical properties light beige with pink tint powder Composition 1 sachet (3 g ..
Line-Up: the activated charcoal, chamomile, calendula. release Form: table. 0.25 g №10 and № 50. Me..
Line-Up: Theactivated charcoal (carbonis activati granula), chamomile. Thedirections for use: - the..
TheGeneral characteristics International title саrbo activatus; Basic physical and chemical propert..
the drug active substance:1 tablet contains activated carbon 0.25 g (250 mg) other ingredients:pota..
Recommended use: dietary Supplement to the diet, which can be recommended to normalize the function..
Line-Up: base material: activated carbon,excipients: potato krochmal — 0,015 g, antiscale agent tal..
T-TRIMAX SOLUTION FOR INJECTION this medicine belongs to the group of cardiac drugs that affect th..
Line-Up: Theactivated charcoal (carbonis activati granula), pectin (Apple). Thedirections for use: ..
Composition active substance:ademetionine; 1 powder vial contains 760 mg of ademetionine (s-adenosy..
the drug active substance: 1 tablet effervescent contains 330 mg acetylsalicylic acid aminoacetic a..
Roster silicon - 3 g, succinic acid - 100 mg, taurine 400,0 mg, flavor additive "Lemon" (identical ..
TheComposition 1 sachet silicon - 3 g, succinic acid - 100 mg, taurine 400,0 mg, flavor additive "L..
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