Diabetes mellitus is a very serious disease of the endocrine system, it is expressed by a lack of insulin, which must independently produce the body. At the initial stages of diabetes, you can successfully monitor and maintain the normal state of the body by taking medication for diabetes. In addition to drugs, doctors prescribe complex therapy in the form of a diet with reduced intake of simple carbohydrates, as well as moderate physical activity.

A remedy for diabetes mellitus - which one to choose?

Among the diabetic drugs, there are two main categories: hypoglycemic substances (the second type) and insulin (the first type). Diabetes of the second type is considered to be a more "mild" form of the disease, as it is succumbing to medical therapy.

Means for patients with type 2 diabetes:

A-glucosidase, acarbose, inhibitors - are used as the first stage of therapy. Their intake reduces the intensity of glucose uptake in the digestive system.

Biguanides - drugs to reduce insulin resistance in the internal organs and tissues of the body, as well as increase the susceptibility of the body to glucose.

Glynides are a type of substance that stimulates the production of a large number of hormones by the pancreas. Prohibited for use by diabetics of the first type. Other contraindications are pregnancy, feeding, trauma, infectious diseases, allergies, surgeries. The effectiveness of the clay decreases after a while, as the pancreas is depleted.

Incretiny - are the hormones of the human digestive tract, which are produced by the body after eating. Inkutiny - innovative substances, they stimulate the secretion of insulin in the body and are great for people of all ages, including the elderly.

Medicines for patients with type 1 diabetes:

The first type of diabetes is considered more dangerous, since in this case only subcutaneous insulin injections help patients. In many cases, after a few years, diabetes pills cease to be effective for type 2 diabetics, and these people switch to insulin injections. Such a measure can be either permanent or temporary, the duration of injections depends directly on the patient's well-being, the state of his health. The price of insulin is usually more expensive than for the second type of sugar reducing drugs, but the cost is justified - insulin significantly reduces the risk of any complications.

Treatment of diabetes mellitus and the administration of medication should be done solely by the doctor in order to avoid aggravation of the disease. Categorically you can not ignore the symptoms of diabetes or buy drugs at random, doing self-medication. But if you have already been treated or consulted, you can buy tablets from diabetes in the USA at the website. We have a large selection of drugs available at affordable prices.

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