Contrast substances

Contrast substances

The development of science and technology affects all areas of human activity, including the field of medicine. Medical equipment for treatment and examination has become much more sophisticated and functional. One of the most sought-after diagnostics is radiation, so contrast agents, which are developed for use in methods of artificial contrast, should maximize the efficiency of tomography. Contrast substance has an important function - if it enters the organs or system of blood flow, it increases the clarity of visualization and contrast, in order to detect a problem zone in the human body.

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The main features of contrast agents

Modern medicine uses such types of contrast agents:

Containing iodine - have a large molecular mass, in contrast to the tissues of the human body. They absorb the rays from the X-ray and have a high level of contrast. They are in great demand, but they have many side effects - subsequent problems in the cardiovascular system, allergies.

The presence of pills is caused by a specific composition.

Not containing iodine - the basis of such drugs is barium. Possess pharmacological inertness, which is a positive feature of this contrast agent. Minus the drug - the inability to use it in diagnosing problems in closed cavities or vascular formations.

Contrast preparations for NMR tomography are used during magnetic resonance diagnostics. Such substances are paramagnetic, they are used for studies of the brain and spinal cord.

Depending on how the contrast agents absorb X-ray radiation, they are divided into:



The level of X-ray absorption by drugs is determined in proportion to the number of atoms of their chemical composition, they are:

Light (low-atom).

Heavy (high-atomic).

Contrast media are manufactured taking into account many requirements, the main ones are:

Safety for the body - the minimum presence of toxic substances in the composition.

Isotonicity to internal fluids of the body - the product must have sufficient miscibility. For example, it is necessary, when enter a contrast agent in a vein, that it is mixed with blood.

Easy withdrawal from the body of the patient - always completely and without modifications.

The ability to selectively accumulate is important in studies of the gallbladder or urinary system.

Easy to manufacture, store, use.

After a contrast agent, some side effects are possible, the patient can feel fever, nausea. The head and the palpitation may also begin to ache. Cases of allergic reactions such as urticaria, swelling, choking, anaphylactic shock are not uncommon.

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