Antiseptic and disinfecting

Antiseptics and disinfectants

Antiseptic and disinfectant drugs are permanent "residents" of any first-aid kit. They can be useful in a variety of situations - from washing the wounds, ending with the processing of household items. Buy these little "helpers" on the website at different cost.

Disinfectants appeared relatively recently - less than two centuries ago, a doctor from Vienna, Ignaz Semmelweis, began combating infections and bacteria using chlorine lime to wash his hands and process tools. Later, the Russian surgeon Nikolai Pirogov used solutions of iodine, silver nitrate, and ethyl alcohol to treat wounds. English surgeon Joseph Lister disinfected the operating room with a solution of carboxylic acid.

Antiseptics and disinfectants, though equally fulfilling the function of disinfection, differ in the principle of action and have different purposes. Antiseptics - means for the antimicrobial treatment of the surfaces of the human body, as well as its cavities. Antiseptics destroy microbes and infections on the skin, in mucous membranes, disinfect wounds, etc. They are divided into several groups:

Halogenated (iodine, chlorine).

Oxidizers (hydrogen peroxide, potassium permanganate).

Salts of metals (lead, zinc, bismuth, mercury).

Acids, alkaline and aldehyde preparations.

Alcohols, dyes.

Detergents (anionic and cationic).

Disinfecting herbal remedies (chamomile, calendula, plantain).

The main advantage of antiseptic drugs is a gentle effect on the human body. The cutaneous antiseptic and its special components, which are part of the active composition of the product, soften and protect the epidermis on the deep layers, do not allow it to dry and crack.

Disinfectants are used as disinfecting household items, medical instruments or in the case of treating the skin of patients. Among them are:

Chlorine and its compounds.

Bromine, iodine and their compounds.



Alcohols, phenols, creosols.

Antimicrobials are available in the form of ointments, solutions, powders, spray. Depending on the purpose of the field of application, it is possible to choose an antiseptic for wounds or another suitable variant for disinfection.

Regardless of the classification, the high efficiency of the destruction of bacteria, bacilli, fungi and protozoa is characteristic of all disinfectants. The fight against microorganisms occurs in different ways, depending on the type of drug. Usually this:

Denaturation of the protein.

The inhibition of the functioning of enzymes, which are responsible for the viability of microbes.

Change in the quality of the plasma membrane and its permeability.

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