Antiparasitic, insecticides and repellents

Antiparasitic, insecticides and repellents

Throughout their life, people have to face a large number of parasites of various species. Among the parasites distinguish two main categories - external and internal. External are all insects and also parasites that live on the skin (mites, lice), and internal parasites are viral life forms, worms, helminths.

Antiparasitic agents are created in order to easily and quickly get rid of parasites of any type. Unfortunately, no one is immune to the possibility of contact with the parasite - often how would we not try to protect ourselves, adhere to hygiene, etc., the risk of infection is always present. We suggest you familiarize yourself with the assortment of the online pharmacy "". Here you can buy all the necessary funds from parasites at affordable prices, not only in Europe and UK, but in all cities of USA.

Antiparasitic drug - which one to choose?

Means from parasites are divided into several categories:

Antiprotozoal preparations are used in the fight against the simplest single-celled parasites, as well as for the treatment of infectious diseases caused by them - malaria, giardiasis, microsporidiosis. In addition, antiprotozoal drugs are used as a cure for sexual infections.

Anthelmintic preparations are used to get rid of worms and their larvae, to eliminate the consequences of their vital activity. Almost every person can become a carrier of worms, regardless of where and in what conditions he lives, how carefully he follows the rules of personal hygiene, etc. The likelihood of infection increases with contact with infected people or animals, when eating with insufficient thermal treatment, even with insect bites. Helminthoses are classified as intestinal and extra-intestinal, depending on the location of parasites in the body.

Insecticides - preparations with chemical composition for baiting insects. They are contact, intestinal and systemic.

Repellents - a chemical product of natural or synthetic origin, used in everyday life in order to deter arthropods and bloodsucking insects, as well as to protect household items from damage. Repellents are often used as a preventive measure against diseases transmitted by different insects.

In turn, antiprotozoal drugs are divided into anti-malarial drugs, as well as drugs for the treatment of many protozoal infections:

Schizontsidy - have a high effectiveness against erythrocyte parasites, because of which the symptoms of malaria.

Gametocytocides - are active in the destruction of plasmoid forms of parasites that are transmitted sexually. Prevent the likelihood of infection of people from mosquitoes, prevent the epidemic spread of malaria.

Sporontocides - disrupt the cycles of plasmodium development in the mosquito body.

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Antiparasitic drugs produce in various forms for greater ease of use, they are produced as:









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