Antibiotics and antibacterial

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FLOXAL Indicationsinfection of the anterior chamber, caused by susceptible to ofloxacin pathogens - ..
Composition active ingredient: clarithromycin; 1 tablet contains clarithromycin 250mg or 500mg aux..
TheComposition active substance:nitroxoline; 1 tablet contains nitroxoline 50 mg other ingredients:..
TheComposition active substance:pefloxacin; 5 ml solution (1 ampoule) contains 400 mg pefloxacin in..
TheComposition active substance:pefloxacin; 1 tablet contains 400 mg pefloxacin in the form of dihy..
Composition active ingredient: levofloxacin; 100 ml solution contains levofloxacin 500 mg (in the fo..
Composition active ingredient: levofloxacin; 1 tablet coated liner contains levofloxacin hemihydra..
Composition active ingredient: cefepime; 1 vial contains cefepime 500 mg or 1000 mg (a sterile mixtu..
TheComposition active substance:azithromycin; 1 vial contains azithromycin dihydrate in terms of az..
TheComposition active substance:azithromycin; 5 ml of the suspension contains azithromycin dihydrat..
TheComposition active substance:cefuroxime; 1 tablet contains cefuroxime axetil equivalent to cefur..
TheComposition active substance:rifaximin; 1 coated tablet contains 200 mg of rifaximin; other ingr..
Composition active substance: Ceftriaxone; 1 vial contains Ceftriaxone sodium equivalent to Ceftriax..
TheComposition active substance:amikacin; 1 vial contains amikacin sulfate (1: 1,8) based on amikac..
TheComposition active substance:amikacin; 1 vial contains amikacin sulfate (1: 1,8) in terms of ami..
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