Ailar Insulin glargine solution for injection 100IU/ml cartridge №5

Ailar Insulin glargine solution for injection 100IU/ml cartridge №5

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drug zistan 1% 10ML

the Solution Acteria has antifungal activity, to ensure the therapeutic effect is applied to the affected skin


the mixture is Applied:

  • the fungal infections of the skin.
  • The
  • Mycosis of the feet, hands, and skin between fingers.
  • The
  • Onychomycosis.
  • The
  • Cutaneous candidiasis.
  • The
  • Lichen pityriasis.
  • The
  • Ringworm, itchy without it.


the 1% solution Acteria to apply disposable in 24 hours the affected area of the skin with the capture of healthy areas on the periphery of the infection site. Pre-treated skin must be cleaned and dried.

Before use in the treatment of onychomycosis should be using scissors or a file to remove as much area of the affected area of the nail (the use of the drug is recommended at intervals of 12 hours). The period of therapy can be up to six months.   & nbsp;

If the ringworm period of use, from 2 to 4 weeks (sometimes longer, but not more than 8 weeks).

the Use of candidiasis continues for 4 weeks.

in order to avoid possible recurrence of the infection, it is recommended to continue therapy even after the restoration of the covers and the decline of manifestations for at least 14 days. Use Acteria is possible only after consultation with your doctor.

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