Balm-mask Shilajit Altai & Honey 500ml Home Doctor

Balm-mask Shilajit Altai & Honey 500ml Home Doctor

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it is Recommended to use the tool immediately after shampooing TM “HOMEMADE”. A small amount of balm-mask is applied to hands on wet or damp hair and the root zone, then evenly massage thoroughly distributed throughout the head. Next, you need to leave balm mask on hair for a short time, then rinse them, preferably with warm water.


Cosmetic means for care of hair, produced in Ukraine. As part of the balm mask is a large amount of ingredients of natural origin. The combination of components helps to strengthen the hair and prevents hair loss. At the heart of the balm is linseed oil (35%), and complement it with a large number of organic components that contribute to the health of the hair follicles.

Honey, also included in the composition, enriches the hair with vitamin B, which provokes the growth of new hair, eliminates thinning, and gives a healthy Shine. Stimulating the sebaceous glands zinc helps to get rid of dryness and fragility.


  • the dryness of the hair, brittleness, thinness and weakness.
  • the Signs of hair loss.
  • Dryness of the dermis of the head, dandruff.

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