Green Pharmacy foot cream against fungus 75 ml

Green Pharmacy foot cream against fungus 75 ml

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apply the cream should be light, massaging movements. Before treatment, wash and dry the skin thoroughly. Repeated application of the cream is carried out as necessary.


this cream is perfect for nails and hand skin due to the presence of natural ingredients. The composition of this cosmetic product is selected in such a way as to maintain the normal state of the skin of the hands and nail plates without the use of potent chemicals. Allantoin and aloe extract, which are the main active ingredients of the cream, have a moisturizing and softening effect, helping to remove dead cells and purifying the skin and nails from unwanted compounds. 

immediately after the treatment of these areas of the skin there is a feeling of comfort and freshness. With systematic use of the means passes a sense of dryness and tightness, as well as disappear pockets of irritation. In the process of use, small wounds are actively healed and micro-cracks in the skin and nails are tightened. Glycerin does not allow dehydration of the skin, as it has the ability to retain water in the cells. The negative impact of the aggressive environment is reduced due to the presence in the preparation of a complex of vitamins.


  • the Breakage and separation of nails.
  • Dry skin, irritant.

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