Green Pharmacy face cream wheat jar 200ml

Green Pharmacy face cream wheat jar 200ml

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apply the cream to clean and dry skin. You should put on the finger a small amount of cream and light massage movements to RUB into the skin. Use in the neck.


face Cream “the Green Pharmacy" is a means to care for tired skin. Rejuvenating effect provided by this cosmetic product, due to the presence in the cream of wheat germ oil. In the process of applying the cream skin will return to its normal state, and becomes more elastic due to collagen production by the skin cells. 

barrier functions of the skin are also increased as a result of the application. Externally, the skin looks healthy and radiant. Due to the nutrients that reach the cells of the epidermis, they are normal metabolism. The cream perfectly smoothes wrinkles and prevents the emergence of new. At the end of the course of application the skin will cease to be dry and tired. The cream is absorbed very quickly, has no pungent odor and has a pleasant texture. This cream is great as a makeup base.


  • Wrinkles, dry skin, fatigue, swelling.
  • a Violation of metabolic processes in the epidermis.

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