Grape seed oil 50ml

Grape seed oil 50ml

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oral application according to the annotation, for external use apply oil to problem areas of the skin, gently RUB, remove the residue with a paper cloth or cotton pad.


Vaseline oil is a multi-functional preparation widely used in medicine and cosmetology. Mineral oil or liquid paraffin – the oily product, which is colorless, odorless and tasteless, for outdoor and indoor use, used in the treatment of constipation and also for skin care.

the use of the drug in medicine

Vaseline oil is a body-safe laxative that allows you to quickly and effectively solve the problem of chronic constipation. Promotes softening and removal of feces, activates the intestine.

applied orally once a day two hours after meals. The dosage is calculated based on the patient's age: children under a year - ½ teaspoon, from year to 7 years – 1 teaspoon, from 8 to 14 – 1,5 h.spoons, from 15 years and older – 2 teaspoons.

Mineral oil in cosmetics

  • has a softening and nourishing effect especially effective in softening roughened areas of the skin of the feet to prepare the skin for machining (pedicure).
  • Moisturizes chapped skin of cheeks and lips, prevents their peeling and dryness.

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