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Application Wipes can be used not only during illness, handkerchiefs will help out during an urge..
Application this hygiene product can be used for more than its intended purpose. During snack han..
Application lactacid anti-Bacterial intimate wipes are intended for external use only. After appl..
Application Open the box of tissues for intimate hygiene lactacyd and remove the number. After u..
Purpose Napkin medical gauze with a radiopaque thread (hereinafter wipes gauze) intended for use ..
Application the shawls must be used one at a time, carefully removing them from the sealed packag..
Application handkerchiefs with the scent of chamomile Kleenex is intended for external use only. ..
Application the Handkerchief must be carefully removed from the airtight packaging, then the valv..
Application during colds, you should always carry a pack of paper handkerchiefs. If necessary, th..
Application using a handkerchief you can put in order the clothes and shoes, wipe the surface of ..
Application folded Neatly several times, the handkerchiefs at the turn can replace the napkin dur..
Application use Handkerchiefs as needed and store them in a tightly closed package. Occasionally,..
Application Remove one or more handkerchiefs from the package and use them to remove dirt or abso..
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