foot care

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Application the Gel balm is applied in a small amount to the area affected by the formation of va..
Application Gel balm should be applied to clean skin locally, performing a light massage until co..
Application Apply “Venolgon-gel” must be no more than 2 times daily on clean skin in ..
Application before using on dry skin with existing rough areas, it is necessary to steam your fee..
Состав лекарственного средства действующее вещество: 1 мл лекарственного средства содержит каштан..
how to use this medicine should only be applied to pre-washed feet. The feet must be very well dr..
Application cosmetic care is recommended for women and men, as well as children from 16 years. Yo..
Application for a more effective and long-lasting effect, we suggest the following method of appl..
Composition Water, alcohol, lactic acid, glycolic acid, butyleneglycol, hydrogenated castor oil, ..
Application the attachment is only Replaced when the instrument is switched off. To disconnect th..
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