Aromathera-py combines the inspiration of wildlife with a huge arsenal of fragrances. It refers to treatments that use natural essential oils. These substances penetrate into the body through various mucous membranes, skin and respiratory tract. Aromatherapy products — it’s a flavors' variety that can heal mental, emotional and physical spheres of our body. This category presents a wide range of natural aromathera-py oils in a wide variety of flavors from different areas on our planet. They can be used for spraying, aromatherapy massage, taking bath or even making of aroma lamp. Also, here you can find other similar products such as aromatherapy candles, nasal sprays and more. If you’d like to improve your health, mood, give yourself joy and psychological comfort, you are supposed to try aromatherapy massage. In addition to moral satisfaction, such products are characterized by anti-inflammato-ry, antiseptic, bactericidal abilities.

They have a stunning cosmetic and dermatological effect. Preserve and restore the beauty so good as skin and hair health. Aromatherapy products in this category have a high bioenergy value and are able to update all the self-regula-tion mechanisms in the human body. The correct dosage of any essential oil will not have any negative effect on the body, physiological process-es will not be disturbed. In addition, these products are not addictive, and also have a high efficiency. Practicing aromatherapy at home or traveling, you will greatly improve your spiritual and physical health. At the same time you have to remember, that aromatherapy is not a panacea or alternative medicine, but an auxiliary, independent medical discipline, which occupies a position along with phytotherapy, homeopathy, and other methods.
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Application Almond oil belongs to the category of base products, it is based on masks and mixture..
Application Apply a few drops of oil to the surface, then carefully close the bottle cap so that ..
Application sea buckthorn Oil should be taken once before or during meals in an amount of 1 &ndas..
Application the Oil of anise is used in the treatment of diseases of the respiratory organs, diso..
Dosages the 6-8 drops of anise is enough to flavor a room of 30 m2. to prepare a bath you will ..
Applicable in the following cases: the Pneumonia acute, protracted, chronic bronchitis, tubercul..
Roster apricot seed oil. Recommendations for use has regenerating and moisturizing properties. ..
Application apricot seed Oil is recommended to be used in the amount of 1-3 drops to enrich cosme..
Application avocado Oil is used in its pure form or as a base for the manufacture of oil substanc..
Application it is Recommended to use avocado oil for dry and sensitive skin as applications and m..
Application the Basil Oil is recommended for use with bacterial and fungal inflammatory processes..
Application Bergamot oil is used to create aromatic medallions, as well as when taking baths and ..
Application bergamot rinse oil in the amount of 3 drops diluted in 250 ml of water. When using a ..
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