Enterogermina Forte oral suspension 4 billion cfu fl 5ml №10

Enterogermina Forte oral suspension 4 billion cfu fl 5ml №10

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active substance: spores of polyresistant strain of Bacillus clausii;

1 bottle 5 ml contains spores of polyresistant strain Bacillus clausii 4x10 9;

other ingredients: purified water.


Dosage form

the Suspension is oral.

basic physical and chemical properties: whitish opalescent liquid.


drug description

microbial antidiarrheal drugs.

ATC Code A07 FA.


Pharmacological properties


the Drug Enterogermina Forte - suspension of spores of Bacillus clausii that are normally present in the intestine and do not show pathogenic activity.

due to the action of Bacillus clausii, the drug restores intestinal microflora, changed as a result of violations of microbial flora of various etiologies. In addition, due to the ability of Bacillus clausii to synthesize various vitamins, especially group B, the drug contributes to the correction of dysvitaminosis caused by the use of antibiotics or chemotherapy drugs. Due to the metabolic activity of Bacillus clausii use of the drug allows to achieve a non-specific antigenic and anti-toxic effect.

Thanks to its high resistance to chemical and physical agents, Bacillus clausii spores pass unharmed through the barrier of gastric juice into the intestinal tract where they become metabolically active vegetative cells.

The Pharmacokinetics.

no data available.


treatment and prevention of intestinal dysbiosis and associated endogenous dysvitaminosis.

Auxiliary therapy, aimed at restoring the normal intestinal flora, impaired during treatment with antibiotics or chemotherapeutic drugs.

Acute and chronic gastrointestinal disorders in infants associated with intestinal intoxication or dysbiosis and dysvitaminosis.


Hypersensitivity to the active substance or to any of the auxiliary substances of the drug.

Special security measures.

In vials with the drug Enterogermina Forte perhaps the presence of the visible particles resulting from the aggregation of spores of Bacillus clausii, and do not indicate that the drug has undergone any changes.

Before use a vial should be shaken.

the Drug has a high degree of heterological resistance to antibiotics, which allows it to be used both for the prevention of changes in intestinal microflora caused by the selective action of antibiotics (especially broad-spectrum antibiotics), and to restore the already disturbed balance of intestinal microflora.

the Drug does not interact with these antibiotics: penicillin, when used not in combination with inhibitors of beta-lactamases, cephalosporins (partial resistance in most cases), tetracycline, macrolides, aminoglycosides (except gentamicin, and amikacin), chloramphenicol, thiamphenicol, lincomycin, clindamycin, isoniazid , cycloserine, novobiocin, rifampicin, nalidixic acid and pipemidova acid (intermediate resistance), metronidazole.

if the drug is prescribed simultaneously with antibiotics, it should be used between the two antibiotic.

this medicine is intended for oral use only. It is forbidden to enter a drug injection or in any other way. Incorrect use of this drug led to severe anaphylactic reactions, such as anaphylactic shock.


Interaction with other medicinal products and other forms of interaction

Studies of the interaction was conducted.

application Features

use during pregnancy or lactation.

there are no Contraindications for the use of the drug during pregnancy and lactation.

Ability to influence the reaction rate when driving motor transport or operating other mechanisms.

Enterogermina Forte does not affect the ability to drive vehicles and operate machinery.

Method of application and doses

the contents of the vial are taken without dilution or diluted in water or other beverages (e.g. milk, tea or orange juice). This medicine is intended for oral use only. Not be administered parenterally and does not apply the other way.

a Dose of 5 ml (1 vial) per day.

Children. The drug can be used in children aged 28 days. The drug is used in infants and children at a dose of 5 ml (1 bottle) per day.

the duration of treatment is determined by the doctor depending on the patient's condition and the course of the disease:

treatment and prevention of intestinal dysbiosis and associated endogenous dysvitaminosis-5-7 days

Auxiliary therapy, aimed at restoring the normal intestinal flora, impaired during treatment with antibiotics or chemotherapeutic drugs in the course of antibiotic treatment (average 5-10 days)

Acute and chronic gastrointestinal diseases in infants associated with intestinal intoxication or dysbiosis and dysvitaminosis-acute - 5-7 days, chronic - up to 30 days.


the cases of drug overdose were reported.

Side effects

the part of the skin and subcutaneous tissues.

Frequency unknown: hypersensitivity reactions, including rash, urticaria and angioedema.

report suspected adverse reactions

it is Very important to report suspected adverse reactions that occur after registration of the drug, as this allows you to constantly monitor the benefit/risk ratio of the drug.


shelf Life

2 years old.

storage Conditions

Keep out of reach of children at temperatures below 30 ° C.

in order to avoid contamination of the suspension, do not open the bottle in advance.



No. 10, No. 20 (10x2): 5 ml in vial; 10 vials connected by plastic jumper in the cassette; at 1 or 2 tapes in a cardboard box.


Category vacation

over the counter.



Sanofi S. p. A.

location of the manufacturer and address of the place of business

Viale Europa, 11 - 21040, Origgio (VA), Italy.


the Drug Enterogermina is available in hard capsules of gelatin, white, with a content – fine powder of ivory color. Comes in cardboard packs of 12 pieces. The active ingredient is a mixture of Bacillus clausii spores. The medication is included in the group of microbial Antidiarrhoeal drugs. After getting into the body normalizes intestinal microflora, participates in the synthesis of various vitamins, helps to correct dysvitaminosis. Assigned when:

  • the Treatment of dysbacteriosis in the intestines, and prevention of disease.
  • Therapy with antibiotics or chemotherapeutic drugs, is used as an aid to recovery of the normal intestinal microflora.

How to use & nbsp;

Before starting to use the drug requires a doctor's consultation, calculating the dosage and duration of treatment. Capsule of Enterogermina taken as a whole, to drink the medicine you need liquid in the required quantity. 

Contraindications to use

this medicine is not intended for children under five years of age who are intolerant of its constituent components. 

is released from the pharmacy without a prescription. Shelf life means – 3 years.

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