Boro plus Antiseptic skin care cream 50ml

Boro plus Antiseptic skin care cream 50ml

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the Affected areas are lubricated with a thin layer. If the skin is very dry, the cream is applied abundantly. The procedure is repeated at least twice a day. In the presence of chronic skin diseases, the tool is used three times a day. Before use, the skin should be washed and dried.


boroplus regular Cream is a universal remedy that protects both the skin of the face and the skin of the hands from the harmful effects of natural factors. Effective in frostbite, sunburn, weathering. The composition of the drug includes natural substances: ginger Lily, sandalwood, aloe, vetiver, turmeric and boric acid. The cream has a light pleasant aroma.


the Cream has a wide range of effects. The therapeutic function of the drug:

  • Protection of suppuration.
  • the
  • Disinfecting action.
  • the
  • wound Healing.
  • the
  • Pain relief.
  • the
  • softens the skin.
  • the
  • Removal of irritation.
  • reduction of inflammatory processes on the skin.


Bioplas regular can be used for the treatment of chronic skin diseases such as dry eczema. It is an ideal remedy for babies from diaper rash. The cream is allowed to be applied on the skin under a diaper. It can also be used as a cosmetic to improve the condition of the skin.

cream Helps in the presence of scratches and abrasions. It has a decontaminating effect and promotes rapid healing of wounds. With insect bites, the drug will quickly remove itching and irritation.

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