COLPOTROPHINE  Promestriene  vaginal cream 1% tube 15g

COLPOTROPHINE Promestriene vaginal cream 1% tube 15g

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active substance:Promestriene;

1 g cream contains 10 mg promestriene

other ingredients:sodium methylparaben (E 219), sodium propylparaben (E 217), a mixture of mono - and diglycerides of saturated fatty acids, polyglycolic ether of saturated fatty alcohols, decillia, medium chain triglycerides, glycerin, purified water.


Dosage form

vaginal creams.

Basic physico-chemical properties:homogeneous cream white with a characteristic odor.


drug description

Simple preparations of natural and semi-synthetic estrogens. ATC code G03C A09.


Pharmacological properties


the Drug is intended for intravaginal use. Promestriene has local estrogenic effect on the vaginal mucosa, improving its trofiku. Promestriene protects and restores the vaginal epithelium, contributes to its proliferation. When intravaginal administration has no systemic effect, so it does not affect the endometrium, mammary glands and pituitary gland.


with intravaginal application, the drug interacts with the vaginal secret, splits and its components are released. Promestriene does not accumulate in the tissues is absorbed less than 1% promestriene, the period of its half-life is 24 hours. While intravaginal administration Promestriene has no resorptive action, systemic hormonal effects are absent.


Vaginal atrophy due to estrogen deficiency. Delayed healing of the vagina, cervix and vulva after childbirth, surgery, physiotherapy.


hypersensitivity to the components of the drug.

estrogen-Dependent tumors (e.g. breast cancer or endometrium).

Endometriosis (identified or suspected).


Interaction with other medicinal products and other forms of interaction

Calotropis may inactivate the spermicidal action of any funds, so their concurrent use is not recommended.

application Features

During the treatment should be under medical supervision.

If you experience metrorrhagia need to determine the cause and to carry out maintenance treatment.

use during pregnancy or lactation.

Calotropis not indicated for use during pregnancy.

the results of numerous epidemiological studies show that, unlike diethylstilbestrol, the use of estrogens is not accompanied by a risk of malformations at the beginning of pregnancy. Thus, in the case of pregnancy in the application of the drug, there is no need to interrupt it.

the Drug is not for use during breast-feeding.

Ability to influence the reaction rate when driving motor transport or operating other mechanisms.

No data available.

Method of application and doses

apply the Cream 1-2 times a day every 2-3 days.



does Not apply.


Given the route of administration and low resorption promestriene, system overdose is unlikely.

however, overdose may be accompanied by increased local adverse reactions (irritation, itching, burning) in the vulva region.

application Features.

Side effects

Very rare local reactions including irritation, itching, burning.

the Preparation contains sodium methylparaben (E 219) and sodium propylparaben (e 217), which can cause allergic reactions (sometimes delayed).


shelf Life

5 years old.

storage Conditions

the Drug does not require special storage conditions. Keep out of reach of children.



On 15 g of cream in tube, 1 tube in a carton.


Category vacation

According to the recipe.



Teva pharmaceuticals Europe B. V. a

location of the manufacturer and address of the place of business

Ul. Sonsoh 5, 2031 GA Haarlem, the Netherlands.


Vaginal tablets "Calmoseptine" represent a combined drug for local application, used in gynecological practice for the treatment of diseases of bacterial etiology in women.

also applies to:

  • Ectocervical.
  • The
  • Bacterial vaginosis.
  • Candidiasis to an easy degree.
  • Can be assigned to prepare the cervix before giving birth, as well as to accelerate the restoration of the epithelial layer of the cervix after surgery in the internal genitals.

Form of issue

vaginal tablets in contour cell packs of 6 Pieces, in a cardboard pack of 3 blisters.

application Features

the drug may be used during pregnancy and lactation, but in the latter case it is recommended to limit the duration of administration. Usually, patients tolerate therapy well, but in some cases, there may be a manifestation of local allergic reactions that disappear after the withdrawal of the drug.

in addition, during treatment it is recommended to temporarily abandon sexual contacts, including those protected by latex and sperm contraceptives.

Information about the drug overdose is not available. Can only be used after consultation with a doctor.

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