Zviozdochka balm for skin 8g

Zviozdochka balm for skin 8g

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beeswax, mint oil, eucalyptus oil, clove oil, camphor, menthol, methyl salicylate, lanolin, vaseline, propylene glycol.

beeswax Is a valuable natural product of natural origin, which has high bactericidal, anti– inflammatory, wound healing properties.

mint Oil-has an anti-inflammatory and antiseptic effect, mint oil vapors have antimicrobial properties.

Eucalyptus oil - has an analgesic, antiseptic and expectorant effect. It is used for fever, various colds and respiratory infections. Eucalyptus oil helps with skin diseases, it is easy to heal various ulcers, burns and skin infections, accelerates wound healing.

Clove oil  - has strong antimicrobial and diaphoretic action, so it can be applied as a preventive measure during epidemics. Clove oil is an analgesic agent that can be used in neuralgia, arthritis and rheumatism, as well as it strengthens the immune system and has a warming effect. The use of clove oil in combination with other means has a strong healing effect in inflammation of the skin, infection in wounds and prolonged non-healing ulcers.

Camphor  -   at local application shows a slight anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial effect.

Menthol& nbsp; - when rubbing into the skin  menthol causes irritation of the nerve endings, accompanied by a sense of cold, light burning and tingling, has a slight local analgesic effect; also has weak antiseptic properties .

methyl Salicylate & nbsp;- quickly penetrates into tissues, has antiseptic effect, relieves pain, inflammation and swelling, improves microcirculation processes.

How to use:

apply to the skin of the temple, nape or place bites of mosquitoes and other insects two or three times a day for 1-2 g to improve the condition, when used prophylactically for 5-7 days, it is allowed to alternate with other external agents. Before use, a sensitivity test is required: the balm is applied to the inner surface of the forearm and, in the absence of hyperemia, the agent is allowed to use.



persons with hypersensitivity to the components of the formulation.

release Form:

 tube 15 g


Drotaverine hydrochloride, tablets 40 mg №20 have a high spasmolytic activity. The drug helps to eliminate spastic pain and relaxation of smooth muscles. The General mechanism of action of the drug is associated with the ability to completely change the permeability, as well as the potential of the cell membrane as a whole. 


the Drug is prescribed if:

  • Holangiolitiaz and papillitis and periholetsistit.
  • peptic Ulcer diseases of the stomach and duodenum.
  • The
  • Cystitis, bladder tenezma and pielitah.
  • The
  • severe headaches.
  • The
  • Dysmenorrhea.

Drotaverine is an antispasmodic extensive action. The substance relieves spastic pain, reduces the intensity of peristalsis (intestinal), dilates blood vessels and reduces pressure. The drug is prescribed for threats of miscarriage, hepatic colic, urolithiasis. Also, in order to eliminate spasms in the uterus in childbirth.

Method of application and dosage

Tablets should be taken orally, preferably immediately after a meal, do not chew. The average dosage for adolescents from 13 years, adults-120 mg (up to 3 tablets) per day. The maximum rate for children aged 6 to 12 years – 80 mg (2 tablets) per day. 

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