ЕRGOFERON Oscillococcinum pills №20

ЕRGOFERON Oscillococcinum pills №20

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the drug

active ingredients:1 tablet contains antibodies to gamma interferon of human affinity purified: a mixture of homeopathic dilutions C12, C50 СЗ0 and 6 mg of antibodies to histamine, affinity purified: a mixture of homeopathic dilutions C12, C50 СЗ0 and 6 mg of antibody to CD4 affinity purified: a mixture of homeopathic dilutions C12, C50 and СЗ0 6 mg

other ingredients:lactose, cellulose microcrystalline and magnesium stearate.


Dosage form


the Pill valium forms, with valium and chamfer white to almost white.

On one flat side with the mark affixed MATERIA MEDICA, on the other flat side affixed ERGOFERON.


the Name and address of the manufacturer

OOO "NPF" Materia Medica holding ".

Russian Federation, 127473, G.. Moscow, 3-y samotechnyy pereulok, 9.

Phone/Fax: +7 (495) 684-43-33.


drug description

Homeopathic drug.

Antiviral agent, an antihistamine.

the Spectrum of pharmacological activity of the drug includes antiviral, immunomodulatory, antihistamine, anti-inflammatory effect.

Experimentally and clinically proven efficacy of the components of the drug in the treatment of viral infectious diseases: influenza a and influenza, acute respiratory viral infection (caused by parainfluenza viruses, adenoviruses, respiratory syncytial virus, coronavirus), herpes virus infection (labially herpes, ophthalmic herpes, genital herpes, herpes zoster, varicella, infectious mononucleosis), acute intestinal infections of viral etiology (caused by caliciviruses, coronaviruses, rotaviruses, enteroviruses), enteroviral and meningococcal meningitis, hemorrhagic fever with renal syndrome, tick-borne encephalitis.

the Drug is used in the complex therapy of bacterial infections (pseudotubercules, whooping cough, yersiniosis, pneumonia of various etiologies, including atypical pathogens (M. pneumoniae, C. pneumoniae, Legionella spp.), Used to prevent bacterial complications of viral infections, prevents the development of superinfection. The use of the drug in the pre - and postvaccinal period increases the effectiveness of vaccination, provides non-specific prevention of SARS and influenza at the time of becoming postvaccinal immunity. The drug has a prophylactic efficacy against SARS nepriyatnoi etiology, prevents the development of intercurrent diseases in postvaccinal period.

The components that make up the drug have a single mechanism of action in the form of increasing the functional activity of CD4-receptor, gamma interferon receptors (IFN-?) and histamine, respectively, which is accompanied by a pronounced immunotropic effect.

it is Experimentally proved that:antibodies to interferon gammaincrease the expression of IFN-?, IFN-?/? and related interleukins (IL-2, IL-4, IL-10, etc.), Improve ligand-receptor interaction IFN, reduced cytokine status; normalize the concentration and functional activity of natural antibodies to IFN-?, which is an important factor in natural antiviral tolerance of the body; stimulate interferometerin biological process: induction of expression of antigens of major histocompatibility complex I, II types and Fc-receptors, the activation of monocytes, stimulation of the functional activity of NK cells, regulation of synthesis of immunoglobulins by activating a mixed Th1 and Th2 immune response.

Antibodies to CD4, probably being allosteric modulators of this receptor, regulate the functional activity of the CD4 receptor, which leads to an increase in the functional activity of CD4 lymphocytes, normalization of the immunoregulatory index CD4/CD8, as well as the subpopulation composition of immunocompetent cells (CD3, CD4, CD8, CD16, C20 ).

Antibodies to histaminemodify histamine-dependent activation of peripheral and Central H1 receptors and thus reduce the tone of smooth muscles of the bronchi, reduce the permeability of capillaries, which leads to a reduction in the duration and severity of rhinorrhea, swelling of the nasal mucosa, cough and sneezing, as well as reducing the severity of associated infectious reactions by suppressing the release of histamine products from mast cells and basophils, leukotrienes, synthesis of adhesion molecules, reduction of chemotaxis of eosinophils and platelet aggregation in reactions to contact with allergen.

the Combined use of the components that make up the complex preparation is accompanied by an increase in their antiviral activity.


Prevention and treatment:

  • influenza A and b;
  • acute respiratory viral infections caused by parainfluenza virus, adenoviruses, respiratory syncytial virus, coronavirus;
  • The
  • herpesvirus infections (labially herpes, ophthalmic herpes, genital herpes, chicken pox, herpes zoster, infectious mononucleosis)
  • acute intestinal infections of viral etiology (caused by calicivirus, adenovirus, coronavirus, rotavirus, enterovirus)
  • The
  • enteroviral and meningococcal meningitis, hemorrhagic fever with renal syndrome, tick-borne encephalitis.

the Use in complex therapy of bacterial infections (pseudotuberculosis, whooping cough, yersiniosis, pneumonitis of different etiology, including those caused by atypical pathogens (M. pneumoniae, C. pneumoniae, Legionella spp.)) prevention of bacterial complications of viral infections, prevention of superinfection.


hypersensitivity to the components of the drug.


Special caveats

the drug contains lactose, therefore it is not recommended to appoint patients with congenital galactosemia, malabsorption syndrome of glucose or galactose, or congenital lactase deficiency.

Use in pregnancy and lactation

there is no data on the efficacy and safety of the drug in patients of this category, so it should not be prescribed to pregnant or lactating.


Ability to influence the reaction rate when driving motor transport or operating other mechanisms

the Preparation does not affect the ability to drive vehicles and other potentially dangerous mechanisms.



the Drug is used in children ages from 6 months old.

Method of application and doses

Used by adults and children older than 6 months. The drug is taken orally 1 tablet per reception (do not use the drug with food). The tablet is held in your mouth (preferably without chewing or swallowing) until dissolved.

Children from 6 months.when prescribing the drug to young children (from 6 months to 3 years) it is recommended to dissolve the tablet in a small amount (1 tablespoon) of boiled water at room temperature.

Treatment should be started as soon as possible when the first signs of acute viral infection appear according to the following scheme: the first 2:00 drug is taken every 30 minutes, then during the first day - 3 more tablets at regular intervals. Starting from the 2nd day and in the future, the drug is taken 1 tablet 3 times a day until complete recovery.

for the prevention of viral infectious diseases - 1-2 tablets per day. The recommended duration of the preventive course is determined individually and can be 1-6 months.

If necessary, the drug can be combined with other antiviral and symptomatic drugs.


Cases of overdose were observed.

in case of accidental overdose, dyspeptic manifestations may occur due to the fillers that are part of the drug.


when used for the specified indications and at the specified doses, no side effects were detected.

hypersensitivity reactions to the components of the drug are Possible.

Interaction with other medicinal products and other forms of interaction.

There were no cases of interaction with other drugs.


shelf Life

3 years.

do not use after the expiry date indicated on the package.

storage Conditions

Store at a temperature not exceeding 25 ° C.

keep out of reach of children.



20 tablets each in a blister, 1, 2 or 5 blisters each in a carton.


Category vacation

over the counter.


Alferon – a representative of the group of homeopathic remedies. It is used for viral and colds diseases, therapy and disease prevention. It is necessary to consult a doctor in advance. The drug is presented in tablets of a flat cylindrical shaped white and tinting colors. Dragees signed by Materia medica on the one hand, Ergoferon – on the other.

Structure and properties

the Medicine has anti-allergic, anti-virus properties of strong action. As part of 6 mg:

  • of Antibodies to the highly affine histamine.
  • The
  • of Antibodies to gamma interferon of human affinity highly purified. 
  • The
  • of Antibodies to highly purified CD4 affinity. 

Additional components include the ICC, lactolen, magnesium stearate.

Tablets are recommended for the systematic treatment of viral infections:

  • different types of flu and pneumonia.
  • The
  • Whooping cough.
  • The
  • Pseudotuberculosis.
  • The
  • Yersiniosis.
  • is Suitable for the treatment and prevention of aggravated viral diseases, SARS and influenza.
  • The
  • Prevents superinfection.

the Drug is also used to enhance the effect and properties of vaccines during vaccination.


suitable for adults and children over 6 months old. Patients under 3 years are recommended to dissolve the tablet in boiled chilled water with a volume of not more than one tablespoon. At the first symptoms of the disease treatment should begin immediately. Regimen: in the first 2 hours to drink one pills 30 minutes. Next-three tablets through the same time intervals, in the first 24 hours. On the second and subsequent days until complete recovery use 1 tablet 3 times a day. For preventive purposes, take 1-2 tablets at 24 hours. The cycle of preventive therapy is selected separately for each, be sure to specialist.

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